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To-Go Meals

Ruby Reds Vegan

Ready-to-Eat Meals

Ready-to go meals are available for local delivery in the Washington metropolitan area that include D.C., Maryland, Virginia locations (within 45 miles of D.C.).  Meal plans come in a one-time sampler (4 meals), lunch only (5 meals), 5-day Breakfast/Lunch or Lunch/Dinner Plans (10 meals) and 5-day Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Plan (15 meals). Order by midnight on Thursday for Sunday delivery.

How it works

Maintain a healthy plant-based diet with our vegan-meal prep program! Meal plans come in a one-time sampler (4 meals), 5-day Breakfast/Lunch  or Lunch/Dinner plan (10 meals) and a 5-day Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner plan (15 meals).

To-Go Plans
Select Your Meal Plan
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